About Us

Our story begins in 1988, in the healthcare and scientific division, immediately stating a leadership in providing equipment and services for the healthcare sector surgical critical care areas and high technology, with particular attention to the customer through a project sharing in choices and an excellent after-sales support to health professionals and the activities of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on our marketed technologies. We design and supply management software for healthcare facilities capable of interfacing with the individual departments of scientific instrumentation, laboratory analysis, data treatment of patients. LORAN company is accredited with ISO 9001 for "Supply of goods and services for healthcare industry, scientific and environmental information: provision of clinical engineering services; provision of logistics services in health facilities; planning and provision of services for environmental monitoring”.

Over the years our company has expanded its core business divisions in Environment, Information Technology and Research & Services, through environmental monitoring systems in partnership with universities and public bodies, designing highly specialized software, portals and web applications, services counseling center as well as internships and mentoring for young undergraduates.

In compliance with the law, Loran Group is registered to the MEPA (APRM), the Electronic Market of the Public. The purpose of the MEPA (APRM) is to support the purchases below the threshold of Community range and to promote the participation of small and medium enterprises in the Programme. The SMEs must meet certain requirements to obtain a license to MEPA and thus be able to offer their goods and services directly online to registered buyers (the government).
LORAN is also enrolled in EmPulia (central purchasing of the Apulia Region), Sintel (electronic market of the Lombardy Region) and Lait (electronic marketplace portal of the Lazio Region); the group also offers supplies for different structures of the Armed Forces such as Italian Army, Italian Air Force, Italian Navy.


LORAN Brochure and Certifications